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The below information applies to Lync 2013 and may not be valid for Lync 2010 users.
Lync Presence And Pictures
How can I add or delete an Out Of Office note in Lync?
When your Microsoft® Outlook® and Lync account are aligned to work together through Microsoft® Exchange Server to your Outlook® Calendar, the ‘Out of Office’ note is displayed in Lync after turning on Automatic replies in Outlook®.
  • Outlook® > File > Automatic replies > enter your note, turn it on and select your dates..

You can see the ‘Out of Office’ in Lync via your contact card and your name in others Contacts list.

If you are not using Microsoft® Outlook®, then you can still inform you are ‘Out of Office’ by entering a note above your name, in the Lync main window

To remove ‘Out Of Office’ tag in Lync, then you need to turn off in Outlook® itself.
  • File (Outlook®) > Automatic replies > select turn off..
Lync main window > highlight text above your name and press enter
In the Status Options window what is the meaning of the settings?
Depending on the number of minutes you are away you can select the time period for your presence status to change via the Status Options.

To change presence settings in Status Options;
  1. Lync Main window > Options > Status
  2. Choose the number of minutes before your status changes to ‘Inactive’ or ‘Away’ by using the up and down arrows..
  3. You can select general status by clicking a suitable option, then by clicking OK.
  4. To display your presence status as ’ Do Not Disturb’ flag the correct boxes.
How can I create a personalised presence status?
No personal status message can be entered in Lync as they are pre-set. Alternatively you can enter a personal note/message at the top in the Lync main windiw, by simply clicking the note display area. You can enter over the note that is already given.
What is the range of presence status and their meanings?
The table below indicates various presence status options that people can see, the meanings and how they are set.
Presence Status Description How this status gets set
FAQ Webcasting Available Online and available   Lync sets automatically when using your PC, or if you are not but in the office you can set the status yourself.
Hosted Unified Communication Busy Busy   set manually or Lync will display if it corresponds to an appointment in your Outlook® Calendar.
Global UC conference call services In a call A Lync call is active   Lync sets when a call is active.
Lync Online In a meeting Busy in a Meeting.   If in a Lync meeting or your Outlook® Calendar has a meeting time, then Lync status will be changed automatically.
VOIP Services In a conference call A Lync conference call is active   Lync changes to this status when a Lync conference call is initiated.
VOIP as a Communication Presenting Your Presentation is on   If your sharing your screen or projecting then Lync will set this status..
Online Presentation Do not disturb Only conversation notifications from work colleagues will be sent with this status.   The status is selected manually from the drop down box.
Unified Services as a solution Be Right Back Will be away for a short period.   The status is selected manually from the drop down box.
IP Calling Inactive/Away Idle and time period set by you if not taken the default setting.   Lync default setting is 5 minutes idle before it displays inactive/away. The time period can be changed via Options > Status > change amount of minutes.
LyncOnline FAQ Off Work Currently not available for contact.   The status is selected manually from the drop down box.
GUC Offline signed in and offline to those you blocked in your presence status options.   Lync defaults to this setting when not logged in to your PC.
unified communication manager Unknown Unknown   If not using Lync this status is set.
My presence information is visible to whom?

Information displayed is dependent on the privacy relationship for each contact. For example ‘Work Group’ would be one privacy relationship.

    The information can be viewed in the Relationship Tab, via your Lync Contacts list..
Can I change my picture?
Picture settings can be changed by clicking the image itself. Then by using edit or remove you will be given a list of options..
My picture is displayed to whom?
All Office programmes and that includes Outlook®, will display your Lync image.