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The essence of business productivity lies in the way people communicate within the company and with the clients outside the company. Identifying the new means to improve communications to link people and enabling them to share the information are the key to give desired impetus to business productivity.

Collaboration is not a simple technical support with new technology but much more. It is the experience of togetherness with support of technology. With such rich working environments, teams can deliver brilliant performance and achieve new milestones.

Global UC provides seamless, effective communication leading to cost effective information sharing environment among colleagues, partners and customers using any system or device you from anywhere you work. It offers following benefits:

Collaboration solutions:

  • Lynced It keeps you, your team, your work, your family and friends connected.
  • Active Real time connection through multiple access options ensures collaboration in real time.
  • Office online Work colleagues scattered across the globe can form productive relationships and collaborate across various devices within different media environments.
  • Immediate results Instantaneous viewing of documents and presentations make for superior discussions, efficient use of time and improved feedback from participants.
  • Work Prioritisation Maximise time with improved work flows and speedy interaction and decision making.
  • Relationship building: Team Bonding or establish trust and confidence externally via video conferencing.
  • Cyber office: A reduction of not only time, but also costs such as travel and office rental, allowing virtual meetings to occur more frequently.
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