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Lync Voice and Video Conferencing
The below information applies to Lync 2013 and may not be valid for Lync 2010 users.
Lync Voice and Video
How do I check that my devices set up correctly?
Lync is pre-set to identify audio and video devices. However it is recommended that you confirm that the devices are set up properly before moving into a meeting.
Can I make a call using Lync?
Yes, Lync provides you with two alternatives

  • Lync call
  • You can initiate a call via Dial Pad, as long as your account is configured to for standard telephone dialling.
By using PC audio you can initiate a Lync call from your PC to another PC using Lync. Any Lync call initiated to a contact can simultaneously ring all their devices, whether a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Companies supporting federated contacts gives you the ability to make Lync calls externally. In essence this is a virtual alliance, that allows you to add external users to your contacts, initiate IM, audio and video communication.

Regular phone lines can be called from Lync, if they have been set up in your account. A call can be initiated by simply using the dial pad or hovering over a contacts picture and viewing the menu via the phone icon and choosing the number to call.
Where is the Lync phone dial pad and how do I use it?
When to use Lync dial pad?:

  • If you wish to initiate a call to people who are not in your Contacts list (only if account supports calling regular phone numbers.
  • If you are required to enter a PIN or press an option if in a conference call or to react to an automated voice system.
  • There are two areas the Lync dial pad is accessible;

  • Phone dial pad icon located on the main window..
  • Global UC Dial pad
  • When you initiate a call the conversation window opens and you are able to hover over the phone/mic icon to view the dial pad.
  • Global UC DialUp connection
If someone is not in my Contacts list can I call them?
Yes, If regular phone calls are set for your account. A number can be entered on the Phone tab or Contacts view search box. Then , in the results double click the desired number to call.

By simply dialling a number via the dial pad (phone tab icon) and clicking call, you can also initiate a call

The other option is to enter a person’s name via the search box. Then hover over their picture, and next to the phone button click the drop down menu, and choose an option to call.
How do I update the contact list with my phone numbers?
Your contact card displays phone numbers and depending on permissions can be visible to your Lync contacts..
  • Select the Options button from the Lync main window, followed by clicking Phones.
  • Below ‘My Phone numbers’, there is a box where you can enter a phone number. Only digits can be entered, no parentheses or hyphens. If you are entering an international number then a + can be entered before the country code.
  • Those numbers you wish to show on your contact card need to be selected.
What is the valid format of phone for calling contacts?
Phone number are valid if entered as per below instructions;:
  • Standard digits 0 to 9, with no parentheses, hyphens or spaces. If facing any issue then please contact support.
  • Local calls, you simply dial the number, but for example a 9 may be required to be dialled to obtain an external line outside your company..
  • International calls a + sign is entered before the country code, such as 44 for United Kingdom and then the area code and number.
  • Alphabetical characters can be entered and are converted to numbers to initiate the call. Lync also allows 1-800 numbers.
How do I solve my audio problems?
Either the Lync main window or conversation window a notification will appear to highlight any issue:
Lync Calling Facility

If you’re not getting sound, check that:
  • Check that speakers are on, in both Lync and your PC. Check the volume control..
  • If you are using a phone check the receiver is positioned correctly
  • Via the phone/mic icon, check that the devices tab and ensure you have selected the device you are using.
Is it possible to improve my device sound quality?
  • Audio devices should be of high quality and the set up can be run to ensure its working correctly.
  • Background noise is best avoided by placing a microphone close to the mouth, but less than one inch away.
  • If your headset has a volume control, check its set correctly. Any buzzing noise between callers, then a test should be made and settings adjusted until satisfactory call quality.
  • Callers may complain if you are using a speaker form your phone, so ensure it is on a flat surface and you are reasonably close to the phone.
  • If two devices are running simultaneously ensure to place them a distance apart to eradicate any echo.
  • Noise may increase if calling via Wifi, VPN connection or RAS (remote access service).