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HD Video Conferencing

Technology available today helps businesses expand globally at a much faster pace. Communication is of paramount importance and new technology creates an environment that saves time and money to provide endless opportunities.

Global UC Video Conferencing services offers HD video and audio quality for connecting people from anywhere and have face to face interaction in real-time eradicating the need for special meeting rooms, making reservations and prior excessive costs.

Video Conferencing Features

  • Single click switch to triggers video communication via IM or an audio device
  • High-definition video resolution (1270 x 720; aspect ratio 16:9) and VGA video resolution (640 x 480; aspect ratio 4:3) Wider Panoramic video picture with 360 degree panorama view (with appropriate hardware) and active speaker recognition that distinguish between speakers and highlight the active speaker in the video gallery.
  • Identify a video stream from a participating member and assign the video stream as the focal point for the meeting.
  • Lync™ Video Interoperability that further connects with video conference systems streamed by 3rd parties. Video systems in a conference room can run in parallel along with the video conferencing streamed from Desktops.
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